Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Ghats of Vharanasi: Assi Ghat to Kedar Ghat
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There are quite a number of smaller, less active ghats as you go up the river from the Assi Ghat towards the Kedar Ghat. The main highlights include the Tulsi Ghat, named after one of India’s greatest vernacular poets, the fortress-like Chait Singh Ghat, which was the site of a skirmish with the British, and the Harischandra Ghat, the city’s second – and reportedly oldest - cremation ghat.

For colorful scenes of daily river life, you should ask your guide to point out the Prabhu Ghat and Lali Ghat, which are very popular with the city’s laundrymen (dobi) who lay out their washing on the steps of the ghats, and the Jain Ghat and Nishadraj Ghat, which are home to large communities of boatmen. The Dandi Ghat with its staff-bearing ascetics also plays host to some vibrant scenes of the river’s spiritual life.

Along the way, you will also enjoy some magnificent views of the virtually deserted eastern bank across the blue expanse of the River Ganga as well as the spires and turrets of the ghats on the western bank that await you.

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