Monday, December 22, 2014

Here are a few videos from Shenzhen Mini-Maker Faire, which took place last Sunday.

This was the first Maker Faire event ever to be held in China, and there were quite a number of interesting domestic and international companies and hacker groups showing their wares, including the self-styled “Open Hardware Facilitator” Seeed Studio, which had an impressive array of Arduino kits on display.

Robotics was also a hot topic at the event, with groups such as RoboPeak putting their creations through their paces with some lively displays on the show floor. RoboPeak also demonstrated a low cost 3D scanner for 3D printing applications, while at other booths visitors were able to see 3D printers in action.     

Although quite small in scale, the Shenzhen Mini Maker Fair certainly showed that the maker movement has a promising future in China. US based groups such as DangerousPrototypes are already teaming up with domestic manufacturers like Seeed studio to productize their concepts and sell them on global markets, while local hacker groups such as RoboPeak are also appearing. Related Chinese language publications are sprouting up, and judging by the amazed expressions on the faces of some of the children I saw watching the robotics demos, a whole new generation of young makers is beginning to emerge.

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